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Rectory Farm Primary School Assembly Planner 2019-20

Each assembly relates to our Caterpillar Values as well as our British Values shown below:

Caterpillar Values: Compassion, Creativity, Community, Communicative, Courage, Conscientious, Courteous

British Values: Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance

Term One : 4th September - 25th October

Week Beginning


9th September

Welcome back- New Beginnings- Community, Mutual Respect, courteous

(Friday E-safety)

14th September

British Values

23rd September

What is autumn?- Community, Creativity

First Day of autumn- also known as autumn equinox

30th September

Conker Championship launched- explore this tradition and its importance in Northamptonshire.

Community, Tolerace

14th October

Sukkot- Jo Elijah to lead Assembly-Compassion, Courage

w/b 24th October


British Summer Time ends

Willow Class Assembly – Thursday 24th October

Half Term Holiday

Term Two : 4th November – 20th December

Week Beginning


w/b 5th November

Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night- Community, Rule of Law

(Friday E-safety)

w/b 11th November

Remembrance Assembly led by Sycamore Class (11th November)

Children in Need – Friday 15th November

Compassion, courage, community, mutual respect, individual liberty, democracy

18th November

Rectory Farm Anti-Bullying Week

Monday 18th November ‘odd socks day’

Compassion, courage, community, mutual respect, individual liberty, tolerance

25th November

Everyone’s a Hero

Compassion, courage, conscientious,

2nd December

Respecting differences (International Day of Disabled persons- 3rd December)

Compassion, courage, conscientious, individual liberty, mutual respect, tolerance, democracy

9th December

Advent- compassion, conscientious

(Reception and KS1 nativity- 11th December)

16th December

St Lucia- compassion, courage, individual liberty, creative

Friday 20th December: Christingle Assembly (whole school led by Y5)

Christmas Holiday

Term Three : 6th January-14th February

Week Beginning


6th January

Put your best foot forward- conscientious, courage, creative

(Friday E-safety)

13th January

Martin Luther King Day- courage, individual liberty, rule of law, democracy

Maple Class Assembly- 16th January

20th January

Migration and how it benefits society- compassion, communication

27th January

Do you know your birds? - community

Launch of ‘Big Bird Watch 2020’

Rowan Class Assembly- 6th February

3rd February

10th February

Shrove Tuesday / Ash Wednesday and the meaning of Lent- courage, conscientious

Half Term Holiday

Term Four : 25th February- 3rd April

Week Beginning


25th February

The world belongs to those who read! - communication, conscientious, community

World Book Day 5th March

World Water Day 22nd March

(Friday E-safety)

2nd March

Reading- communication, conscientious,

World Book Day 5th March

9th March

Women in history month- courage, rule of law, individual liberty, creative

(Holi Festival -10th March)

Chestnut Class Assembly – 12th March

Beech Class Assembly – 18th March

16th March

23rd March

The Wonder of Water- community, compassion, communication

World Water Day- 22nd March

Mothering Sunday- Sunday 22nd March

30th March

Easter Assembly led by Year 3- courage, compassion

Easter Holiday

Term Five : 20th Apri - 22nd May

Week Beginning


20th April

The Queen’s Birthday-

St George’s Day

(Friday E-safety)

27th April

What do we know about Ramadan? Individual liberty, mutual respect, tolerance, democracy, conscientious

Oak Class Assembly – 30th April

4th May

May Day and Well Dressing- community, creative

11th May

Famous mathematicians- courage, conscientious, creative

18th May

Maths challenge week- courage, conscientious, creative


Term Six : 1st June - 17th July

Week Beginning


1st June

Caring for our environment- community, courage, individual liberty, respect

World Environment Day- 6th June

(Friday E-safety)

8th June

15th June

Languages of the world- celebrating the multilinguals in our school- mutual respect, communication

22nd June

29th June

Keeping safe over the holidays- community, compassion

Visiting speakers

6th July

Moving on!- courage, communication, creativity, courteous

13th July

Summer Reading challenge

Leavers Assembly- courage, communication, creativity, courteous, community


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