The Curriculum and Home Learning in Reception and Year 1


In Reception and Year 1, our priority for developing language and literacy skills at home is to try as far as possible to read daily with your child. Please note any comments or positive experiences in your child’s Reading Record Book. Daily reading will support your child in learning reading, spelling and language patterns, improve their vocabulary and help them to develop comprehension skills through discussion of the text. Even before your child is able to sound out words using their phonic knowledge, they will be able to use the pictures to talk about what is happening in the story and make predictions about what they think will happen next.

You can also put on sub-titles to favourite films, listen to and sing nursery rhymes, read road signs and take the children to the local library- it’s free!

Key Words

Key words are sent home to practise daily and children will be moved on when they are able to read the words accurately by sight.

Supporting Writing at Home

  • Encourage your child to draw, paint etc.
  • Show children and encourage your child to write, shopping lists, things to do; cards
  • Develop fine motor skills by cutting, sewing, dot-to-dots etc. and gross motor skills through physical play; climbing, skipping, cycling, cooking (stirring)

Supporting Maths at Home

  • Point out numbers around you, on houses, cars, television channels, cookers and microwaves,
  • Say number names in order as you climb the stairs, count teddies on a bed, plates on the table.
  • Compare quantities, who has the most sweets, which shopping bag is heavier?
  • Get them to help with cooking- finding ingredients in supermarkets, getting them to weigh out the produce etc.
  • Play board games (using a dice) e.g. snakes and ladders, cards and dominos.

Year 1 Curriculum Maps

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Year 1 Long Term Map 2018-19 Download