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Science Quotes from our Children

I really enjoyed learning about gases like Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. It was really interesting to learn about how trees produce Oxygen for us and we give out Carbon Dioxide for them. It is like we are feeding each other!

Paul Smith

I enjoyed finding out which materials conduct electricity. We made a circuit and put a light bulb into it. When we put the cork into the circuit, the light bulb didn’t light up because it doesn’t conduct electricity. I found this activity really fun to do.

Casey Reece

This year we learned about the great fire of Northampton! We had brick, glass, metal, paper and cardboard. Mrs Clark tested to see which material burned the quickest. It was so exciting to see it. Paper burned really well.

Elijah Lyman

We learned about the human body. Mrs Paterson taught us all about the different bones. We used a real skeleton to help us learn. We measured our own leg bones. It was extra fun!

Leo Carter

I love science! It is so fun. You get to have experiments that help you learn more.

Ryan Thompson

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